Contact Us Today: (415) 652-4833

Contact Us Today: (415) 652-4833

Welcome to CONTECH-CA

John Griffiths is the founder of CONTECH-CA. He is an electrical engineer specializing in complex building and systems and offers engineering, project support and construction technology solutions.

His main attributes are: 

- He is responsive and makes sure each client is given personal attention 

- He develops value-driven solutions

- He is client-focused

- He has 30 years of experience 

Contact me today: (415) 652-4833

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Video introduction to CONTECH-CA

Contech-CA has developed strategies and designs to tackle numerous engineering challenges


Electrical Engineering

Full service electrical design services from concept through close out and commissioning.

• Electrical infrastructure studies and master planning 

• Renewable Energy and Microgrid

• Emergency Power and UPS Design

• Lighting and Daylighting Design

Construction Technology

Design/construction, technology consulting delivered from a project leadership perspective. 

• Digital workflow and adoption evaluation

• Business case development 

• Change management – human and technology

• Construction solution validation/evaluation 

Project Support

Engineering focused project management, committed to delivering better outcomes.

• On site owner representation 

• Peer review services 

• System shutdown MOP development, 

• Emergency power systems start and commissioning




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