Making California's hospitals more resilient and sustainable

CONTECH-CA Making California's hospitals more resilient sustainable

We are grateful to all of the participants in the official Opening Ceremony and Technical Deep Dive for the Charge Bliss renewable energy microgrid at the Kaiser Permanente Medical Center in Richmond, California.  Thanks to the extraordinary vision of the California Energy Commission and through its $4.77M in EPIC funding, Charge Bliss was able to build the first-of-its-kind system for a California hospital.  The Charge Bliss Team also owes a deep debt of gratitude to the entire Kaiser Permanente group for their willingness to be the host site for the project and for their collaboration to realize an outcome that frankly far exceeds any predicted at the outset.  Some of the many noteworthy contributors included Mr. Drew Bohan, Executive Director of the Energy Commission, Laurie Tenhope, the Director of Research at the Energy Commission, Jeff Collins, Senior Vice-President at Kaiser Permanente, and Seth Baruch, Vice President of National Facility Services.
Working with the Charge Bliss Team, CONTECH-CA are  proud of our many accomplishments, a considerable number of which were discussed in detail at the events, but for those of you who did not attend, we will highlight a few:

  • The first renewable energy microgrid interconnected to the LIfe and Safety Branch of the hospital (Emergency Power)
  • Unprecedented facility savings from the synergistic application of load management, energy arbitrage, and time-shifting of solar energy usage
  • The novel, innovative CONTECH-CA, Charge Bliss supervisory microgrid controller capable of automatic and continuous optimization of performance and comprehensive visibility into systems effectiveness.

For those of you who could not attend, the Energy Commission Twitter feed ( has videos and images showing the events and we have provided two screenshots as well.   We are happy to provide additional information regarding the event, systems, and performances and will be providing detailed information on the CONTECH-CA website, and the  ( soon.  In the interim, however, if you are interested in learning more or have opportunities for collaboration and development that we may discuss with you, please reach out to us other by replying to this email

Opening of the Kaiser Richmond Microgrid, California energy commission funded project.

Opening of the Kaiser Richmond Microgrid, California energy commission funded project.

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